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Teaching History with Technology aims to help K-12 history and social studies teachers incorporate technology effectively into their courses. THWT provides a multitude of free online resources as well as workshops and consultation services via its parent organization EdTechTeacher, Inc., an educational technology professional development provider. EdTechTeacher is also the parent organization of Teaching English with Technology as well as the award-winning Best of History Web Sites.

The Creators

Teaching History with Technology was created by Tom Daccord (B.A. Princeton University, M.A. Universite de Montreal), 15-year history teacher and co-director of EdTechTeacher, Inc. Tom is an educational technology trainer and speaker as well as author of Best Ideas for Teaching with Technology: A Practical Guide for Teachers by Teachers and The Best of History Web Sites. A veteran "laptop teacher" who instructed in a wireless laptop environment for seven years, Tom has been featured in the Boston Globe ("Making Tech Connect," December 29, 2003) for his contributions to teaching with technology and serves as Special Advisor to Massachusetts Computers in Education (MassCUE) and the Massachusetts chapter of ASCD. He has also presented on educational technology topics at various national and regional other conferences and runs workshops at schools across the country. Tom is also the creator of Best of History Web Sites and Teaching English With Technology.

Justin Reich, co-founder of EdTechTeacher, is the the Richard L. Menschel HarvardX Research Fellow, based in the Office of the President and Provost at Harvard University, exploring the possibilities and limits of online learning through the HarvardX platform. He is a Fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society and a visiting lecturer in MIT’s Scheller Teacher Education program. He earned his doctorate from Harvard University, where he led the Distributed Collaborative Learning Communities project, a Hewlett Foundation funded initiative to examine how social media are used in K-12 classrooms. Justin is co-creator of Best of History Web Sites and Teaching English With Technology, along with Tom.

Testimonials from our Teaching History with Technology Workshops

Each summer, EdTechTeacher, Inc hosts a summer Teaching History with Technology workshop. The testimonials below came from some of our participants.

  • "The THWT workshop was the most effective professional development class I have ever attended."
    - Robert Morrison, Fenn School, Concord MA
  • "This course was absolutely wonderful; it opened up a whole new world of opportunities for both me and my students. From learning about the possibilities available in blogs to exploring websites with astounding arrays of information, the workshop presented a myriad of topics, all of which were directly applicable to the classroom. The information was never once overwhelming, mainly because Tom Daccord is a deft guide, leading the class with great humor, calm and patience. He was able to focus his approach to us individually, depending upon each person's level of comfort and familiarity with the particular technology. I left this workshop excited to put into place and use all my newly-acquired knowledge. I highly recommend this course to everyone!"
    - Larissa Showalter, Garisson Forest School, Owing Mills, MD
  • "The most hands-on, practical, and cutting-edge workshop I have ever attended."
    - Carlo Palusci, Zurich International School, Switzerland
  • "Tom & Carla were extremely knowledgable, and wonderfully responsive to the attendees needs. The workshop was very well thought out, logically presented and full of quickly adaptable resources. I would HIGHLY recommend it."
    - Barb Tennyson, The Chestnut Hill School, MA
  • "I highly recommend to any teacher hoping to integrate the use of computers into his or her lessons."
    - Patricia Coates, Albany Academy for Girls Albany, NY
  • "This workshop has a perfect blend of instruction, discussion, presentation of examples, and time for hands-on exploration. The atmosphere is relaxed, and by the end of the week you've learned an incredible amount, all of which is immediately applicable to the classroom."
    - Libby Buddinger, Newton Country Day School, Newton MA
  • "Tom and Carla provide a great relaxed atmosphere to learn and try new applications in technology. The setting is first rate and the lab is state of the art. My enthusiasm for technology in the classroom has risen to new heights."
    - Kathleen Armstrong, Mary Institute and St. Louis Country Day School, MO
  • "This workshop was presented in a clear, concise manner that enabled me to feel like I could integrate some of these tools into my classroom to improve instruction. It made me feel more confident about being amongst digital natives."
    - Kate Meyer, Berkshire Country Day, MA
  • "I just wanted to say thank you again for the workshop. It has been a most enlightening experience to see so much in just a few short days. I will be using many of the materials in class this year and in the years to come."
    - Peter F. Reid St. Joseph's Preparatory School, Philadelphia, PA
  • "This was a wonderful workshop that provided me with new and useful information for integrating technology with my history classes." - Marilyn Lord, Bancroft School, Bancroft School, Worcester, MA
  • "This workshop was well worth the trip out here. The presenters were pleasant and extremely knowledgeable. Their experiences and expertise complemented each other quite well. I certainly feel more equipped and enthusiastic regarding moving my students into a higher technology gear this year. Well done!"
    - Rick Zimmerman, South Dearborn High School, Aurora, IN
  • "Thorough, lively, and in all brilliant jumping off point for understanding and integrating new technologies. I'd consider very few things a fair trade for four days of summer vacation, but this workshop was more than worth it."
    - Pete Hodgin, Kents Hill School, Kents Hill, ME
  • "This workshop is a great use of time -- it is primarily about good teaching and not just about technology." - Allison Webster, Shady Hill School, Cambridge, MA
  • "It was better than a spa; I felt challenged and pampered at the same time. I emerged from the experience renewed-- with a new outlook as well as new skills. Thanks a million!"
    - Sonja Heath Gulliver Preparatory Miami, Fl
  • "This workshop was terrific. I learned so much about several user-friendly, classroom-ready technologies. At each stage of the workshop, I had time to develop skills, explore topics, and ask questions. The workshop has given me dozens of new, practical ideas to use in the classroom. Thank you."
    - Joe Pelletier, Thayer Academy, Canton, MA
  • "From start to finish, this workshop was a winner. The collaboration between Tom and Carla resulted in an unparalleled multi-faceted learning experience. I came into the workshop frightened of using technology in the classroom, and I leave it confident and armed with many tools and resources which will certainly enhance my teaching."
    - Susan S. McKenzie, Western Reserve Academy, Akron, OH
  • "This was by far the most useful, impressive and energizing workshop I've attended. In only three days I learned what it would have taken me months and months to do on my own. My mind is spinning already with the many ways I could use technology to enhance my classroom."
    - Heather Woodcock, Shady Hill School, Cambridge, MA
  • "A common aphorism has it that an old dog cannot learn new tricks. Well, largely because of the excellence of his instructors, this old dog did learn new tricks. Tom, and Carla, thank you for your wit, your lucid instructions, and your patience. I am a better teacher for having taken your workshop."
    - Clay Roberson, Georgetown Day School, Washington, D.C.
  • "This class was a great experience. I was introduced to new tools that could enhance the learning that goes on in my classroom and make my students truly excited about History. Even the applications that I was familar with, PowerPoint and Word, was given a shot of new life as I learned new functions. For example, I learned that in Word I can add my own comments in Autocorrect for electronic grading and I also learned practicle guidelines for effective student/teacher PowerPoint presentations. Probablly the best part of this class was the ability to talk with History teachers from all over the US who are interested in enhansing thier classrooms with technology. I was able to hear first hand accounts of what works, what doesn't work, share the joys of successful tech attempts and realize that I'm not the only one who made a particular mistake. This class really made me excited to get back into the classroom to try some of the new things that I learned and share it with my colleagues."
    - Michelle Barry, Arlington Catholic High School, Arlington, MA
  • "I think the conference was fantastic! I liked the way that you began with a conceptual framework before going into some of the specific about the applications and the various uses. . . In a general sense, the conference was also fantastic for simply introducing some of the many new applications that are emerging in the field of multimedia (Gcast, etc.) Thanks for a very informative conference! I'm excited about getting back in the fall to implement some of these applications and technologies."
    - Carleton Cunningham, Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School, MD
  • "As a low intermediate tech user I found this workshop superb. It introduced me to options and ideas that I couldn't conceptualize the uses for until I had tried them. While I won't use everything next year, I will probably fool around with all, and use the advanced google search, word preferences and correcting tools, and perhaps blog and garage band options, to mention a few. just understanding google earth, skype and wikis is fascinating. This was a couple of year's worth of info in four days!The tone and knowledge of the instructors was wonderful, too."
    - Bill Rogers, Buckingham Brown &Nichols, Cambridge, MA
  • "This is a terrific workshop and is appropriate for both the technologically proficient and those who are more technologically challenged. This workshop has given me much to think about and I look forward to trying out wikis and blogs in my classes this fall. Tom and Carla create a positive and exciting workshop environment. I would highly recommend the workshop for anyone interested in engaging their students in English or any subject!"
    - Sally Walsh, Delbarton School, Morristown, NJ
  • "This workshop most definitely met my goals of developing my technical skills so that I can directly employ them in the classroom. After the three days of the workshop, I feel confident that I will be able to use wikis, blogs, and podcasts with my students this year having had no prior experience with these technologies. The added benefit for my school is that I feel I have the resources to help get my colleagues up and going as well."
    - Kate Whiteside, Duke School, Durham, NC

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