Interactive Whiteboards

Why Interactive Whiteboards?

A SMARTBoard and ActivBoard are examples of an Interactive Whiteboards ("IWB"), a 21st Century tool that can transform the classroom and nurture essential skills. Major benefits of an interactive whiteboard include its versatility, interactivity, multimedia/multimodal presentation, and participation potential. Interactive Whiteboards can also help students conceptualise new knowledge through representations of abstract ideas. Furthermore, IWB lessons and activities can be recorded and published in ways that facilitate sharing and collaboration. In all, IWBs are a classroom tool that can help teachers create engaging, interactive, collaborative, and visual lessons and activities that motivate students to learn.

Technology in Social Studies Classrooms: Dynamic Teaching with Interactive Whiteboards

How do teachers decide when and how to use an interactive white board? This video explores the potential for creating active learning environments with interactive white boards.

Interactive Whiteboard Resources

There are plenty of excellent interactive whiteboards resources, guides, and tutorials on the Web and in print.

Examples of Interactive Whiteboard Activities

Here are examples of interactive whiteboards at work in the classroom:

Using the Smart Board in the Elementary Classroom (YouTube video)

Interactive Wall Map for Geography Class (YouTube video)

Video Tutorials on Interactive Whiteboards

These videos will help you get started with interactive whiteboards. Each demonstrates key skills to use in the classroom. Though the videos model SMARTBoards, the techniques apply to other types of interactive whiteboards.

SMARTBoard Tutorial: Screen Shade, Cloning, Move and Reveal (YouTube video)

SMART Notebook- Erase and Reveal (YouTube video)

How to Integrate Interactive Whiteboards

Here are some ideas for integrating interactive whiteboards in the classroom:


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